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Magnetech Corp offers a complete line of electromagnets, power supplies, custom products, technical assistance.

Holding Applications - Direct Contact with a Flat Surface
Round Electromagnet
Light Weight
  Rectangular Electromagnet
Medium Weight
  tripole electromagnet
Heavy Weight
  Sheet Metal Electromagnet
Sheet Metal
  Auto Release Electromagnet
Overcome Residual
Nickel Plated Electromagnet
Ring (Doughnut)
  High Temperature Electromagnet
Extreme Conditions
  High Rate ELectromagnet
Fast Switching
  Thru Hole Electromagnet
  Permenant ElectromagnetPermanent Electro
        ac inlineAC Inline   AC ElectromagnetAC Plug In  

Holding Applications - Direct Contact with an Irregular Surface
Bi Polar Electromagnet
Uneven Surfaces
  V Block Electromagnet
Cylindrical Surface

Holding Applications - Locking Mechanism
Gate Locker
Gate Locker

Repelling Applications
Push Pull Electromagnet
Push & Pull
  Opposite Pole Electromagnet

Trapping Applications
Fluid Filtering
Rod Filtration
  Collar Outside Container
Collar Filtration
  Conveyer Overhead
Conveyer Overhead
Ground Sweeper

Lab Applications
Flux Generator
Magnetic Flux
  Opposite Pole Electromagnet
Magnetic Trigger
  vibration setVibration (AC)

Power Supplies and Controllers
  Fixed output DC power Supply
Fixed Output
  Variable DC power Supply
Variable Output
  Output with reversing current power supplyOutput with Reversing Current

Company Profile

Magnetech Corp. was established in 1995 specializing in innovative electromagnetic products for industrial applications. We are the leading manufacturer for electromagnets and power suppliers. By stocking tens of thousands of standard electromagnets we can ensure immediate delivery. Through engineering services we help our customers to design and manufacture custom electromagnetic products.