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Off-release Power Supply releases electromagnet(s) automatically when power source is off. Turning on or off power source can be controlled by a simple SPST switch, a relay N.O. contact, or a PLC voltage output.

  • July 2013 -- Push-Pull Electromagnets available

  • February 2013 -- Online Ordering Available

  • Aug 2012 -- New and Updated Website

Updated prices for the best deals around. New left column means simpler searching for returning customers. All new products with v-block electromagnets, and push-pull electromagnets.

  • Apr 2010 -- Updated web pages for easy price check.

  • Nov 2004 -- Electromagnets with auto release available

RA series electromagnets with spring loaded auto release to help releasing light, small parts from sticking onto electromagnets, due to residual magnetism on the parts.

  • Mar 2004 -- Low cost Magnetic Flux Generators available

MFG series Magnetic Flux Generators generate up to 1.2 Tesla at 1/8" gap in continuous operation.

  • Jan 2004 -- High-temp electromagnets good up to 115ºC (239ºF) ambient available

High ambient (operation) temperature electromagnets are available in stock.

  • Oct 2003 -- Hard drive eraser to bulk erase hard drives in seconds.

The HDE-1 Hard Drive Eraser generates 4,500 gauss alternating magnetic field to bulk erase or de-magnetize most computer hard drives.

  • Aug 2003 -- Glance photo gallery of custom products.

Photos of custom products inspire your ideas of electromagnetic solutions

  • Jan 2002 -- Application notes give you right solutions for your electromagnetic problems.

Application notes help you to understand electromagnetic terminology, some common questions, and typical applications.