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A complete line of DC and AC electromagnets from stock, power supplies, custom units, and magnetic products.

Standard DC electromagnets for holding applicationselectromagnetelectromagnet
Sizes: 1/2" dia. to 6" dia. & 1-1/2" sq. to 4" x 8" rectangular
Holding Value: Up to 1,700 lbs.
Operation voltages: 12, 24, and 110 V. DC
Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Tri-pole, and Parallel                           

Featured DC electromagnets for specific applicationselectromagnetelectromagnetelectromagnetelectromagnet
Opposite pole for repulsive applications
Auto-release for light weight parts
High-temp for high ambient applications
Bi-polar for longer reach field

Thru-hole for precision positionelectromagnetelectromagnetelectromagnetelectromagnet
V-block for cylindrical parts
Ring (Doughnut) with axial clearance
High-rate for high switching applications

Special and Custom Electromagnets
In-stock, specially designed products
Gallery of custom products for exploration

electromagnetProprietary Magnetic Products
Push-pull electromagnets


Standard AC Electromagnets for Holding Applicationselectromagnetelectromagnet
Sizes: 1-1/4" dia. to 6" dia. & 2-1/2" sq. to 4" x 8" rectangular
Holding value: up to 1,700 lbs.
Operation voltages: 110 V. AC
Shapes: Round, Square, and Rectangular
Styles: Plug-in or In-line

Demagnetizers for hard drives and floppy diskselectromagnetelectromagnet
Hard Drive Eraser and Floppy Disk Eraser

Magnetic Flux Generators for Science and Labratorieselectromagnet
Up to 1.2 Tesla at continuous duty

True AC Electromagnets for Alternating Field Applicationselectromagnet
Input power from 110 V.AC at 50 Hz up to 400 Hz

Power Supplies for DC electromagnets
Outputs: 12 V.DC, 24 V.DC, and 110 V.DCpower supplypower supplypowersupply
Inputs: 120 V.AC or 240 V.AC at 50-60 Hz
Types: Fixed output, Variable output, Off-release, and Output with reversing current